Benefits of EV Doctor™

A Super-Heroic Solution for Battery Testing, Service & Diagnostics

Improved After Sales

Empowers dealers for fault analysis & feedback tracking

Efficient Data Logging

Seamless data logging feature for ease of reliability

Boosts Brand Reputation

Increases overall quality of service and maintenance

Higher User Retention

Provision of service reports to users enhances user trust

EV Doctor™ App


Exclusive Android Application for IOT-based Rapid Battery Assessment and Monitoring

With advanced AI-integrated cloud computing and dedicated mobile application, EV Doctor™ facilitates a smooth and lucid experience to effortlessly diagnose your EV battery performance. Bluetooth® Smart (BLE) technology brings to you the optimal real-time battery analytics to track your EV Battery performance without any loss of time.

    • Accuracy99.5%

    • Precision94.5%

Reliable Data-driven Results

EV Doctor™ utilizes physics-based state-space models and machine learning neural network approaches for determining immediate EV battery performance metrics for increased reliability and quick measurements.

Simple Testing Procedure

Just connect EV Doctor™ between the vehicle and battery and link your EV Doctor™ with smartphone using the dedicated EV Doctor™ android app. All the crucial battery parameters, now, can be graphically monitored while your EV is being charged.

Derived from Intensive Research Evidences

With industry leading stakeholders and researchers involved in the development of EV Doctor™, insights obtained from testing enables you to ensure best-in-class EV performance.


Faster Health Measurement


Lesser Energy Consumption

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EV Doctor™ by BatteryOk Technologies

Technical Specifications

Unique Best-In-Class Product Offerings

General Specifications


Size (HxWxD)

13 cm x 13 cm x 5 cm (5.1 in x 5.1 in x 2 in)


300 g (0.66 Ib)

Supported Voltage Levels

36 / 48 / 60 / 72 V

Supported Current Levels

O-10 A

Device Input

5 V DC (via USB Micro B type)

Data Interface

Serial BLE (Bluetooth)

Supportive Smartphone version

Android 6 and Above

Supportive Connectors

C14 M/F Connector (to connect Battery and charger)

Operating Conditions



0 °C to 40 °C


Non-condensing (10 °C); <=80 % RH (at 10 °C to 30 °C)


Sea level to 2000 meters

IP Rating


Drop Test Requirements

1 meter


Usage Directions


Switch ON the EV Doctor™

hardware device (powered by USB cable).

Connect the Device

to the BatteryOk EV Doctor™ Mobile App via Bluetooth.

Attach battery & charger

through the side connectors of the device.

Start the test

on the BatteryOk EV Doctor™ Mobile App.

Finish the test

to obtain the desired results.

Ensure proper connections between charger, device and vehicle.
Pair device to the phone's Bluetooth first, before usage.
Keep the device connected to the power while operating.
Use fully discharged batteries for best results.
Follow all other instructions provided in the user manual.

How To Place Order

A Step-by-Step Guide for Buying Your Very Own EV Doctor™

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With a vision to revolutionize energy industry with AI innovations, BatteryOk Technologies began its a rebellious journey with a magnificient objective of making meaningful EV products.

From the simplest idea to make EV's servicing reliable, BatteryOk team came up with one-of-a-kind offering that performs advanced battery diagnostics for Lithium chemistry batteries. This not only results in a seamless EV transition but also empowers key EV stakeholders by easing the after-sales support.

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